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As a marketing communications specialist with more than 16 years of professional experience within a concise spectrum of highly specialized industries - principal among them K-12 and pre-med/med school online educational services, secondary mortgage investor markets and professional escrow/title services - I am a relatively good resource to have access to. A native Chicagoan, I majored in Real Estate Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As to my professional experience in the professional escrow/title services industry, I have worked at a number of major title companies in capacities as varied as a technical trainer for the Northern California region of First American during the introduction and rollout of the FAST proprietary application, and then later as a Junior Escrow Officer in residential escrow with several San Francisco-based First American offices. That said, in many ways I'm knowledgeable about the industry from the ground up. After focusing exclusively on marketing communications and business development for a number of years with other title companies, I took up residence with CoreLogic as their Senior Marketing Specialist. There I helped to co-develop and oversee the monthly production of the Commercial Market Monitor, one of the most widely read subscription-based e-publications in the CRE industry. Coming full circle, I believe I bring the rich sum of my professional experiences to my current role as Marketing Coordinator for the Northern California region of First American Title NCS.

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