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Wisconsin possesses a unique business culture – the commercial real estate industry is a genuinely small community.  Integrity and honesty are crucial to building strong business relationships.  Our experienced First American team strives to earn your trust on every transaction we handle.



  • Client Satisfaction and Success – We will serve our clients through deep relationships, compliant behavior and unparalleled customer service. We want our clients to gain a competitive advantage by working with us.
  • Innovation - There is no permanent best practice. There are always better practices. Excellence demands that we continue to find them.
  • Pursuit of Ideas - We want ideas at all levels. Brainstorming fuels organizational energy, and high organizational energy leads to significant competitive advantages, faster delivery times, more service offerings, lower costs, and the ability to continuously transform.
  • Industry Leader – We want First American-NCS to be recognized as the most innovative and respected Global Commercial Real Estate Business Partner providing unparalleled solutions that contribute to our clients’ success.


Integrity – The personal integrity of each employee speaks to the integrity of our entire organization.

Respect – We respect the dignity of fellow employees, customers, agents, shareholders, competitors and members of the general public.

Teamwork – We cooperate and effectively communicate with one another because we can only deliver exceptional customer service when we are working in harmony.

Communication – Our employees understand First American and the Madison-NCS business unit. Our employees receive timely, appropriate, and straightforward feedback on their performance and are empowered to speak their minds. Our leaders listen to what our employees say.


We do everything we can to make our clients say ‘Wow!’    Through our expertise and our teamwork we strive to impress, provide well reasoned solutions, foresee potential issues and work through them before the last minute.  No matter what risk we are asked to undertake, we will find the conditions under which we can say yes.

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