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Our Escrow Officers and underwriters understand Winsonsin foreclosure statutes and know what has to be done to insure clean title.  We offer an array of foreclosure products to suit the needs of a variety of situations.

Foreclosure Guarantee

This guarantee searches the public records for all recorded documents subsequent to the Deed of Trust being foreclosed and determining a list of necessary parties to comply with notice provisions.

Public Trustee Sale Guarantee

This guarantee lists out all matters which title is subject to, including covenants, easements and other matters typically shown as exceptions.

Foreclosure Commitment

A title commitment that spells out the requirements necessary to insure the foreclosing lender in title.  A Foreclosure Commitment includes a list of parties.

Litigation Guarantee

A Litigation Guarantee is used for a judicial foreclosure of the property.  It is a full title search that lists out all recorded documents that may affect the land subject to the litigation.

All of these title guarantees and reports can be updated throughout the process, either before or after a filing, to ensure that all matters are known.  We also search the bankruptcy court with each of these guarantees.

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