San Francisco County

San Francisco County Closing Customs

Recording Fees Paid By Buyer
Title Ins. Fees Paid By Buyer
Escrow Fees Paid By Buyer
City/County Transfer Tax Seller (variable rates see below)
($ Per K)
See Exemption below
5.00 $100 to $250K
6.80 $250K up to $1M
7.50 $1M up to $5M
20.00 $5M up to $10M
25.00 $10M plus

Notice of Changes in Transfer Tax - Prop N

The above also applies to any leases of 35 years or longer.
Exemption: (new) 1/3 of any tax imposed if (1)used a residence and;(2) active solar system installed as defined in Section 73(b) Revenue & Taxation Code, or (3) seismic retrofitting has been made as defined in section 74.6(b) Revenue & Taxation Code.  This partial exemption shall only apply to initial transfer by party who made improvements under (2) & (3).

Great time and effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the information provided herein. However, state and local laws and procedures are subject to change at any time. We suggest updating these amounts with the source prior to a transaction.

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