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By: Tanisha Quilter, First American Title National Commercial Services, Social Media Community Coordinator


Commercial real estate brokers, attorneys, developers, investors and lenders are becoming hip on social media and using it as part of their efforts to connect. More and more industry players are now open to exploring social media applications as they try to get their arms around its potential to help them connect and drum up new business. In addition to other social formats, many are using Twitter to expand their network, increase brand awareness, connect with existing customers, and market online.


Don’t limit yourself to traditional marketing methods only

As companies and employees tweet, share, post and pin, they are reaching larger groups of people who could potentially refer others to their services. Social media is not intended to replace traditional marketing methods, but complements current marketing activities, especially relating to referrals that represent a significant source of business in the industry. And social media is all about referrals.

The commercial real estate industry is relatively late to the game as far as using social networking as a means to connect, though this medium is fast becoming a marketing and sales tool in the business-to-business arena. Commercial real estate professionals are beginning to shrug off their reluctance to use social media and are now engaging more frequently in the vast opportunities to prospect, market, information gather and connect.


How CRE professionals use social media

Many commercial real estate professionals are finding social media to be a vital part of their business development, customer service and marketing platform. Seen as a distribution tool, CRE professional are now using social media to sell properties, share research, market and brand their companies. Twitter has been used to communicate settled listings and ratified leases, seek out available properties, share success stories and research trends, and carry on conversations about what’s relevant in the commercial real estate market, both local and national.

It is now where a majority of people spend their time to socialize with friends and business acquaintances, find the latest news, research companies and professionals, and share information. It is critical for a brand to be present in the social media arena.

Social media boosts visibility, fosters relationships, leverages media dollars, and builds brand equity. It’s also a great way to keep track of contacts, allowing users to see what people are up to. And it’s proving to be a useful tool to get introduced to people you may want to meet.


Steps to Get Started 

  • Build a Complete Profile
  • Start Following
  • New and current clients, suppliers and competitors. Follow your clients on Twitter to stay on top of activity and follow organizations that you want to know more about.
  • Start Talking
  • Tweet, retweet, @reply, mention, or direct message. Provide useful information, answer questions, and add links. Use Twitter to share content that is relevant to your network.
  • You may also want to follow companies such as @GlobeStcom or @CBRE for updates on commercial real estate news or investment sales for developers.
  • Drive Traffic to your Website and Blog
  • Add links to your Twitter that lead back to your website or blog.
  • And the website is a service that you may also use to easily shorten your links.
  • Listening on Twitter
  • Use hashtags or keywords as identifiers for common topics or themes. One of the most active Twitter hashtags for commercial real estate is #CRE.
  • You can type in key words relating to your product, service or relevant topics — and read the conversation. See what people are talking about.
  • It’s a fact — social media is changing how America does business. It’s not going away, so take yourself to the next level by making it work for you.

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