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1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

A tax-deferred exchange is a valuable investment tool that allows you to dispose of investment properties and acquire "like-kind" properties while deferring federal capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture. Most states with a capital gains tax offer a similar tax advantage. The bottom line: a tax-deferred exchange allows you to reinvest sales proceeds that would otherwise be paid to the government in taxes.

First American Exchange Company is a full service Qualified Intermediary assisting clients nationwide with 1031 tax-deferred exchanges of real and personal property held for investment or business purposes, including reverse exchanges and build-to-suit transactions. First American Exchange offers financial strength, security of exchange funds, and has extensive experience in facilitating tax-deferred exchanges in a professional manner. First American Exchange is a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. Attorneys and Certified Exchange Specialists® are available to assist you. For more information visit

The tax deferred exchange is a valuable investment tool for maintaining continuity of investment dollars while affording investors the opportunity to consolidate, expand or diversify their portfolio of properties without recognizing capital gains taxes or depreciation recapture. Exchange transactions can be performed on a delayed, reverse, or construction process of real estate or personal property such as aircraft and vessels.

First American Exchange Company offers services to facilitate any type of tax deferred exchange transaction nationwide. First American Exchange is a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators and has Certified Exchange Specialists® on staff in many of our nationwide offices. In addition, First American offers a national network of staff attorneys to provide their assistance and expertise during the exchange transaction process.





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