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Welcome to First American Title Company of Oregon, Portland Metro

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Welcome to the Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington County offices of First American Title Company of Oregon. We appreciate this opportunity to offer you our menu of products and services. Our staff awaits your requests and inquiries. Thank you for visiting our web site.

First American is focused on you, our customer. We study what our customers need, and create the solutions to meet them.

Since our formation in 1889, we have been dedicated to maintaining the integrity of land records and delivering the information, products and services needed with a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. The name First American has come to represent the best in the business. You deserve the best.

As an industry leader, it is the philosophy of First American to provide customers the respect they deserve and the innovative products and services they need. First American adheres to the highest standards of financial stability and professional responsibility.

First American Title Company
121 SW Morrison St, Ste 300
Portland Oregon 97204

Phone: 503.222.3651

At Your Service

Mitch Steeves

Sr. Vice President Oregon State Manager
First American Title

Mike Holt

Vice President Portland TriCounty Manager
First American Title

Shawna Mixon

Vice President Operations Manager
First American Title
Ginger England

Ginger England

Vice President Escrow Operations
First American Title
Linda McGettigan

Linda McGettigan

Vice President
First American Title Escrow Operations

Jill Shiels

Vice President Business Development
First American Title

Mike Brusco

Tri-County Title Operations Manager
First American Title
Alan K. Brickley

Alan K. Brickley

First American Title
Jay Dobson

Jay Dobson

Underwriting Counsel
First American Title


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