ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey and Coordination Services

An ALTA survey is a boundary survey prepared to a set of minimum standards that have been jointly prepared and adopted by the ALTA/ACSM. The survey shows improvements, easements, rights-of-way and other elements impacting land ownership. An ALTA Survey is often prepared for commercial properties, as it will provide the title company with the information required to insure the title and improvements to the high degree that a commercial development can require. A table of optional elements is included in the ALTA/ACSM standards. A careful review of the elements from the optional "Table A" is helpful in delineating a clear scope of the land surveyor's services.

A current title commitment is required before an ALTA survey can be completed. The surveyor will refer to the title commitment for the legal description of the property and for the legal description of any encumbrances (exceptions). Areas of ownership, improvements and encumbrances will be shown graphically. If the survey discovers any encroachments, they should be shown graphically, and a note indicating the nature of the encroachment may also be added.

The certification language of the ALTA Survey should include the names of the affected parties, including as appropriate the buyer, seller, title company and lender. The surveyor must work in close association with the title insurance company, as the surveyor and the title company are relying on each other's work to create a comprehensive survey.

This product is offered through our affiliate company First American Professional Real Estate Services.

Why work with First American?

  • Seamless coordination between all title companies and First American's Survey group.
  • Our preferred network of local surveyors, along with our in-house licensed land surveyors, have been assisting us for years in providing the highest level of surveying. By working hand-in-hand with our preferred vendors, we can ensure that the most experienced surveyor is working on your project.

What do we offer?

  • Our standardized survey format with 19 key items allows us to consistently locate the necessary information on each survey regardless of the site location.
  • Our ALTA surveys clearly show the boundary, easements and possible encroachments in red on the face of every survey. This enables you to quickly identify the property as well as any related encumbrances.
  • Our Quality Control Department ensures that your client requirements and all ALTA standards are reflected in all drawings. We will also identify any errors in provided documentation and offer suggestions for resolution of any issues.
  • Proprietary software creates efficiencies between First American Title and First American PRS.

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First American Commercial Due Diligence Services

First American Commercial Due Diligence Services



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Attention North Carolina Customers: In states where FAPRS is not a licensed firm for engineering and/or land surveying services, FAPRS only contracts out to firms and individuals which are duly licensed by the appropriate state agency in that state. (In North Carolina Engineering and Land Surveying services are contracted to properly licensed firms and individuals.)
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