Environmental Action Analysis Report

An automated environmental due diligence report, the Environmental Action Analysis Report analyzes and interprets database search results using a proprietary computer logic. It calculates the risk associated with a given site and recommends whether further investigation is necessary (i.e., Phase I ESA).

Why work with First American?

  • The only report of its kind that bases its findings on both an analysis of the database search and review of information obtained by a questionnaire.

What do we offer?

  • Provides one of the following suggestions regarding the risk: No further action - low risk; Further action suggested - still low risk; Further action recommended - high risk.
  • Includes a questionnaire that was designed based on the Small Business Administration SOP pertaining to 7(A) and 504 loans in response to SBA's SOP 50 10 lender and development company loan programs.
  • Meets SBA requirements for environmental due diligence for loans greater than $15,000 where the property NAICS code does not match.
  • This low-cost report allows the environmental professional to review the Action Analysis Report and confirm its findings or provide a different opinion before the final report is sent to the client.

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First American Commercial Due Diligence Services

First American Commercial Due Diligence Services




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