Holding Escrow

Fully customizable, holding escrow accounts with First American Fund Control are established to execute time-allotted or condition-based disbursements that are atypical for traditional escrow companies. Accounts can be utilized to facilitate transactions such as buyer incentive payouts, construction lien cleanups, minor construction and tenant improvements, deferred maintenance, collateral holding, tenant relocation, loan modifications, and multiple- or single-party investment purchases.

Why work with First American?

  • Opening and managing holdback escrows is a primary duty of First American Fund Control and the company is specifically licensed to execute these types of escrow transactions under the Department of Corporations. Other major title and escrow companies lack a specialized division specifically created to handle holdback requirements and other unique custom escrows as their primary function. As a result, files routinely end up being lumped together and managed in the same manner as standard sale and refinance files, leading to errors such as missed disbursements and improper payment.

What do we offer?

  • Using a uniform template that allows for over a dozen different transaction types, a client can easily insert specific escrow instructions into the document or convey that information directly to their sales representative to complete their agreement. This helps ensure that the key components of the holdback are clearly identifed and will be fully carried out by the escrow holder.
  • Operation methods for holding escrow combine automation with a personal, hands-on approach. All files are entered into our automated database that notifies clients of setup, disbursement and closing. More complex transactions requiring more personal attention are handled in a quick, professional, and efficient manner by our operations team.
  • An entire division is focused on thoroughly and efficiently carrying out one key component of a purchase agreement that might otherwise be overlooked by standard escrow personnel.
  • Easily and painlessly facilitates transactions that most title and escrow operations refuse to accept due to their complexity.

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First American Fund Control

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What Customers are Saying?

Your fund control group setup has been able to assist us with many closing transactions that we have been unable to accommodate through the escrow closings. The manner and efficiency that your office has handled our transactions for the past year has been extremely professional. -- Chelsea Embry President The Escrow Specialists

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