ExpressMap® is an innovative and cost-effective alternative to an ALTA/ACSM land title survey. Developed by First American, the ExpressMap allows for provision of title insurance coverage and removes the survey exceptions to satisfy lender requirements. ExpressMap is created through a proprietary process that combines a current aerial photograph of the property as described within the title report, along with the exception items shown in Schedule B (easements, rights of way, covenants, conditions, restrictions, etc.). Once the information is layered, it is printed in color, supplied to the client, and used by our internal underwriting staff to make key underwriting decisions.

Why work with First American?

  • Exclusive to First American.

What do we offer?

  • Current aerial photograph flown at the time of order.
  • Full color map clearly shows the property and the surrounding environment.
  • Field time associated with traditional ALTA surveying is eliminated and replaced by a current aerial photograph. This creates a time savings of 30-50%.
  • Less expensive than a standard ALTA Survey with 20-60% cost savings.

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First American Commercial Due Diligence Services

First American Commercial Due Diligence Services



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