Exterior Areas

Replace, repair and/or paint any damaged:

  • plaster
  • wood siding
  • trim
  • rain gutters
  • shutters
  • doors
  • window frames
  • glazing
  • screens
  • hardware
  • fences/gates
  • outdoor lighting


Clean and Wash:

  • siding
  • windows
  • screens
  • outdoor BBQ
  • AC unit
  • pool/spa


Put 100-watt bulbs in:

  • porch lights
  • carport
  • garage


Clean and Organize

  • Service areas/trash cans
  • Haul away rubbish
  • Straighten woodpile
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Clean up pet droppings
  • Paint or varnish doors
  • Polish door hardware
  • Make sure doorbell/knocker works
  • Paint or replace street numbers on house
  • Make sure septic tank is odor-free
  • Clean oil stains from driveway/street
  • Patch/reseal driveway if necessary



  • Mow/edge lawn regularly
  • Aerate/feed lawn
  • Overseed bare spots in lawn
  • Water lawn regularly
  • Remove/replace dead plants
  • Prune overgrown/diseased/damaged shrubs
  • Prune or remove shrubs/trees blocking view
  • from windows (unless view is undesirable)
  • Stake up any sagging trees/shrubs
  • Keep flower beds free of weeds
  • Trim around base of trees/walls/fences


Repair or remove any broken/damaged landscape accessories such as:

  • fences
  • walls
  • gazebos
  • fountains
  • trellises
  • planters
  • other (__________________________)
  • Replace any broken stepping stones
  • Adjust any sprinkler system; repair any broken/leaky heads
  • Install fencing or shrubs to hide any unsightly views
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