Title Clearing & Release Tracking

Whether you have a prior mortgage lien issue or need a post-closing lien release tracking, we’re ready to help lighten your workload.

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Title Clearing

The FASTRAX team will identify and work with the current lienholders to clear prior paid-off liens so you can avoid the aggravation of obtaining missing assignments, outstanding or ineffective lien releases.

    What we do:

  • Research and find the successor to the lien holder of record for previously paid-off liens
  • Review and confirm original documents received and request any necessary corrections from the lender
  • Maintain continuous communication with the lender and customer throughout the entire process as we obtain the documents you need to clear the lien
  • You are only invoiced once the requested document is obtained.

Release Tracking

Eliminate the task of in-house release tracking. After your closing, we will work directly with lenders, attorneys, trustees, and recording offices until we have an effective lien release on record.

    What we do:

  • Track any real estate lien release—mortgage, deed of trust, judgment, tax, etc.
  • Review and confirm accuracy of original documents received and request any necessary corrections from the lender
  • Record original documents at the proper recording jurisdiction
  • Refund any excess or unused recording fees directly to the borrower upon completion
  • Image all recorded documents for online access via our FASTRAX website

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