Policy Typing, Commitment Typing, Rates and Fees & Open Order Processing

Clear your title production backlog with support services to help your produce files and process policies, regardless of underwriter or software system.

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Expert Help With Core Title Production Tasks

Issuing policies takes a seasoned employee with extensive title knowledge. With our team handling back-office production, your best people are available for high value, public-facing roles—not buried in paperwork.

  • Policy Typing. Jacket creation, with the ability to calculate rates and fees and remittance when we work directly on your software platform.
  • Commitment Typing. Based on your Exam write-up or Attorney Opinion
  • Open Order Processing. Data entry, property tax research, generation of the Closing Protection Letter and initial Closing Disclosure.
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Select the level of integration that best fits your workflow. Provide our team a unique login to access your software, or send up your marked up commitment to receive a completed document in return.

Contact your First American Agency Representative or agentadvantage@firstam.com for more information.

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