Unlock the power of First American's EagleID


After a simple registration, EagleID can unlock a variety of First American's online services while managing a single account profile with a single password. If your password is ever lost or forgotten, EagleID makes it easy to recover and reset your password.


Faced with a growing risk of online security threats, it's essential to secure your valuable information and transactions. With EagleID, First American is advancing the security of your important transactions.


EagleID is a stand-alone identity solution that will be continually enhanced to support the latest methods of identity verification safeguarding you against the cyber-security threats of today ... and tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EagleID?

EagleID is a secure user name and password that is being deployed over the next year to many First American products. With EagleID, you can use the same credentials to securely access a variety of First American services without managing a separate user name and password for each system.

How does EagleID offer improve security?

EagleID uses advanced identity verification to prove your identity and safeguard your information. EagleID also supports multi-factor authentication prevent fraud and validate that you are in control of the email and phone number used for registration. We continue to expand our security features to help keep you and your information safe.

Where can I use EagleID?

A number of First American applications are now using EagleID, and more will come online over the next year. If the application accepts EagleID, you will find it identified on the login screen. If you have an existing EagleID with any other application, you can sign in and initiate the onboarding process for the new application. If you do not have an EagleID, you can register for one.

How can I sign up for an EagleID?

It's easy to get started with EagleID. Just contact your First American representative.

How can I get help with my EagleID?

EagleID also offers convenient self-service options for resetting your user name or password. You may also contact support for the specific application you are using and they will provide any assistance needed regarding registration, signing in or resetting your password.

Contact your First American representative to learn more today!