First American Mortgage Solutions podcasts offer a variety of insights with a brief, on-the-go, four-minute analysis of the issues. Many of the podcasts were created by Interthinx®, which is now First American Mortgage Solutions.

Executive Risk Strategies

Former MBA Chairman and Senior Vice President of Federal Solutions for First American Mortgage Solutions, David G. Kittle, CMB, raises issues of concern to key industry executives and offers suggestions on best practices in our Executive Risk Strategies series. Kittle’s unique perspective provides high level insight and real world experience as the industry faces new challenges with regulatory changes now being implemented.

  • Executive Risk Strategies – April 2014
  • Executive Risk Strategies – February 25, 2014
  • Executive Risk Strategies – February 2014
  • Executive Risk Strategies – December 2013

Direct From DC

Our Direct From DC series provides insights into the ever-changing regulatory and legislative impacts on the financial services industry. Direct from DC, hosted by Ann Fulmer, explains how developments from the White House to the offices on Capitol Hill impact mortgage lending.

  • Direct from DC – May 2014
  • Direct from DC – March 2014
  • Direct from DC – February 2014
  • Direct from DC – January 2014
  • Direct from DC - December 2013
  • Direct from DC – October 2013
  • Direct from DC – September 2013
  • Direct from DC – August 2013
  • Direct from DC – July 2013
  • Direct from DC – June 2013

From The Bar

Our From the Bar series is hosted by Roger Fendelman, Operations Counsel, First American Mortgage Solutions and breaks down complex regulatory and compliance issues. Its clear and concise approach provides valuable information and insight at a time when the industry faces arguably the largest regulatory scrutiny in history. Fendelman’s expertise provides guidance for successfully navigating today’s regulatory environment.

  • From the Bar - March 2014
  • From the Bar – October 2013
  • From the Bar – September 2013
  • From the Bar – August 2013
  • From the Bar – July 2013
  • From the Bar – June 2013
  • From the Bar – May 2013