First American Mortgage Solutions understands that loan quality and data integrity are the foundation of effective financial services risk mitigation. We offer capabilities in mortgage fraud and verification, property valuation, compliance, quality control and fulfillment services that are used by the nation's top financial institutions.

A Smarter Approach to Risk

First American Mortgage Solutions offers end-to-end risk mitigation solutions—powered by Interthinx® analytics—helping to increase operational efficiencies, satisfy regulator demands, manage data verification, and help you remain compliant.

We provide financial institutions:

  • Fraud, compliance, valuation and quality control experience you can rely on
  • A progressive approach to quality control and compliance
  • Technology and expertise to satisfy regulator demand and increase profitability

Mortgage Fraud and Verification

We are your single destination to quickly and efficiently access solutions to detect fraud risk and errors in mortgage applications. Our tools integrate with your systems and business processes to achieve efficiency targets, provide data integrity and help lenders and investors comply with evolving regulations. Our services include:

  • FraudGUARD® -- a highly customizable and automated loan-level fraud detection tool that identifies risk and potential fraud by utilizing public, private and proprietary data sources to improve compliance and increase loan quality
  • 4506-T -- a fast and accurate web service to verify an applicant's income using the IRS 4506-T form
  • Undisclosed Debt Monitoring -- a solution that monitors a borrower's activity concerning trade lines, inquiries and secondary re-issues during the loan process
  • Ownership and Occupancy -- performs a nationwide search for properties owned by the borrower and uses exception-based alerting to identify other properties owned by borrowers, occupancy issues, foreclosures and unidentified addresses used by borrowers.
  • SafeCheck® -- a tool to quickly and accurately validate an applicant's Social Security Number (SSN) and identity
  • SSNDirect -- a service that provides direct-access via the Social Security Administration for identification verification
  • Watchlist Review Module -- robust, user-friendly and interactive platform that manages a comprehensive set of mortgage industry, governmental, and non-public exclusionary lists to identify suspicious or debarred companies and individuals
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Collateral Risk and Valuation

Our collateral risk and valuation solutions include a suite of objective automated products and expert human-driven services that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. These include:

  • Clear Value® AVM -- a customizable geographically-based cascading AVM that accurately and cost-effectively performs valuation assessments
  • FraudGUARD CollateralPLUS -- a tool that leverages public and proprietary data to deliver a concise and cost effective collateral analysis that assesses the eligibility and adequacy of the subject property
  • Review Appraisal Services -- an automated workflow solution that leverages a network of experienced Certified Appraisers for reliable and efficient review appraisal services
  • Other Solutions -- the Condition Assessment Report quickly identifies potential risks associated with the current condition of the property and its local area and ValueGUARD provides a 360-degree view of properties and their surrounding areas
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Regulatory Compliance

The PredProtect® Regulatory Compliance Suite delivers up-to-date automated compliance solutions with the comprehensive Qualified Mortgage rule test built right in. It evaluates every loan for compliance with Dodd-Frank, TILA, RESPA, HOEPA requirements and much more. That enables you to lend with confidence and focus on your core business objectives while mitigating risks of fines, repurchases and increased examination scrutiny. Our services include:

  • PredProtect® -- provides consistent, uniform results across all loans by seamlessly applying thousands of rule sets in real-time to alert you to any potential violations so corrections can be made before your loans are funded
  • Third Party Review (TPR) -- reviews 100% of third-party originator application information with real-time license checks
  • RegsData SVAR | NMLS License Verification -- quickly verifies compliance of Third-Party Originator state license requirements
  • Civil/Criminal Background Checks -- comprehensive batch processing of criminal records, civil records and bankruptcy/liens/judgment records helps avoid losses from fraud and maintains compliance
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Fulfillment Services

First American offers a single-source solution for recording mortgages, deeds of trust, security instruments, assignments, and satisfactions in county recording offices throughout the United States. Mortgage servicing has undergone a profound transformation and you need a trusted ally. Powered by proven, proprietary technology and driven by seasoned mortgage lifecycle experts, we focus on quality from the start.

  • Quality Control -- Customized, scalable and transparent reviews to help maintain quality and integrity in your mortgage processes and products
  • Servicing QC -- uses loan level testing to help servicers comply with regulations and standards
  • MERS® Compliance Audit -- customized solution to help meet compliance with MERS® quality control standards for on-site annual reviews, systemic reconciliations, and document validations
  • Fraud Investigation Solutions -- Leverage the Interthinx team of fraud specialists to conduct portfolio level or specific file reviews to determine possible fraudulent activity
  • Customized Solutions -- a personalized service providing human expertise combined with automated risk management technologies for solutions tailored to specific business needs
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