RegsData, powered by Interthinx® Analytics, enables you to reduce repurchase risk by quickly determining unlicensed brokers and rejecting business from them. It accurately and concisely verifies and monitors compliance of Third-Party Originator state license and NMLS registration requirements through an easy-to-use web-based platform.

The subscription-based monitoring service also includes streamlined access to unlimited searches of the NMLS database without any additional per-click or per-seat charges

SAFE Act Compliant

RegsData is a proprietary aggregation and archive of licensing information for all non-depository mortgage brokers and lenders that delivers accurate and timely information about license status and validity. The solution is fully integrated with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and is SAFE Act compliant.

Streamlines Your Third-Party Originator Review

RegsData enables you to:

  • Immediately determine the license status of new third-party originators
  • Monitor brokers’ state licenses and NMLS registration statuses DAILY
  • Search across all jurisdictions and license types at once
  • Reduce time spent verifying licenses during the renewal cycle

By overlaying RegsData’s NMLS database on top of your own originator database, you can continuously monitor third-party originators, thereby reducing the risk of accepting business from an unlicensed broker. A quarterly Audit and Review Summary is provided that shows each time a license was checked for internal and external compliance audits.

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