Default Servicing Solutions

In today's constantly changing mortgage environment, servicers face unprecedented challenges in meeting the needs of home-owners and investors, especially on non-performing loans. New regulations are driving a greater demand for quality control and transparency throughout the entire servicing process -- even extending accountability to the servicer for actions of third-party providers. This makes it all the more important that you work with a qualified provider that you can trust.

Simplified Servicing. Better Quality. Best Outcomes.

First American Mortgage Solutions supports all aspects of the residential default servicing process, and is committed to producing defect-free products and services with an exceptional customer experience. We have the unique ability to provide customized solutions that meet your specific business needs and objectives. As a qualified provider, we are committed to:

  • Enhancing the customer experience -- Our goal is always to provide innovative solutions and a full-service suite of products that make your job easier and enhance the experience of your customers
  • Delivering speed and quality -- Our technology innovations create efficiency, while also offering visibility to better support vendor management, quality control and regulatory requirements
  • Saving you time and money -- Our customizable array of loan modification solutions, foreclosure services, and transition services provide a single-source solution that helps streamline processes and reduce costs


Loss Mitigation

Looking to manage the demand of loan modification requests efficiently, using automation and integration? Look no further. Providing high quality solutions for loan modification that help servicers keep customers in their homes -- whenever possible -- is one of our core competencies. We offer FirstModTM, a customizable solution of business information and financial services related to the processing of loan modifications. Solutions can include property report services; lien priority insurance; document generation, recording and retrieval services; and signing services. FirstMod is available via Web portal (First American Navigator®), direct integration, or batch file upload.


If loan modification can't be successfully achieved, the Mortgage Solutions group at First American works tirelessly to resolve any title issues, and manage closings for bank-owned properties in support of the transition to new loan origination. First American Asset Closing Services® provides title resolution and closing management support to our default servicing clients, and to title and closing offices nationwide. Our REO title and settlement services team also manages the title production for bank-owned properties. Additionally, we offer a nationwide deed-in-lieu solution, through our network of direct and agent offices, which has the ability to effectively coordinate national title and closing for deed-in-lieu transfers by resolving title issues and managing the closing.


We deliver foreclosure products that meet "best practices" standards in accuracy, pricing, and timeline management. By offering a full suite of web-based national foreclosure solutions, we afford mortgage servicers the opportunity to realize significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings while addressing critical needs for transparency, accountability and performance. Solutions include property information reports, foreclosure title and resolution services, national assignment services, Trustee Sale Guarantees, Litigation Guarantees, trustee servicing, senior lien monitoring and posting and publication.

Servicing QC1

With investors and regulators demanding increased clarity on how loans are serviced, we understand that servicers are under intense scrutiny. Our Servicing QC audits are easily deployed, completely customizable and are performed by a seasoned review team with a focus on addressing unique servicer, investor and regulatory needs while creating transparency in servicing operations.

1Services are provided through Interthinx Services, Inc., an affiliate of First American Financial Corporation.


In today's servicing environment, it is crucial that servicers have a clear picture of a loan's status in order to demonstrate why each decision in the default cycle is made, provide visibility to borrowers and investors -- and most importantly, comply with regulatory guidelines. A servicer's ability to provide transparency for all stakeholders is only as sound as the data feeding their systems and backing their decisions. Missing, inaccurate or outdated data can cloud loss mitigation decisions and ultimately impact all parties' bottom line. The Mortgage Solutions group at First American offers default servicers reliable data solutions that integrate at all points of the default processing lifecycle to help reduce loss, mitigate compliance risk and maximize distressed assets' value.


The Mortgage Solutions group at First American offers a complete suite of conventional and alternative valuation products combined with state-of-the-art technology. We leverage an industry-first technology to validate property characteristics and repair data at the point of entry into the valuation process. Our proprietary technology delivers a customized cascade based on your specifications, intelligently matching your loan criteria with our diverse selection of valuation products. Our valuation products consist of technology-driven reporting, broker-based reporting, hybrid evaluations, and appraiser-based reporting.


Mortgage servicing has undergone a profound transformation and you need the confidence that servicing standards are followed along with the ability to prove compliance to regulators. Now, more than ever, servicers need a trusted ally. Powered by proven, proprietary technology and driven by seasoned mortgage lifecycle experts, Interthinx® servicing solutions focus on quality from the start.