FraudGuard® Optional Modules

Optional modules can be added to customize FraudGuard, powered by interthinx® analytics, to better suit your institution’s preferences for application reviews. Enjoy greater speed and efficiency, compliance with regulations and increased loan quality.

Optional Modules

Mortgage Forbearance Indicator

The Mortgage Forbearance Indicator is a new FraudGuard module which monitors, from application to closing, a consumer's credit to identify mortgage forbearance, alerting the processor and/or underwriter when new activity is found, in one easy-to-read report.

Ownership & Occupancy

Performs a nationwide search for properties owned by the borrower and uses exception-based alerting to identify other properties owned by borrowers, occupancy issues, foreclosures and unidentified addresses used by borrowers. The module assesses a borrower’s ownership history and provides an interactive ownership timeline.

Verification of Employment & Income (The Work Number®), a service of Equifax

Provides the ability to request employment and income verification directly through FraudGuard. The integration of The Work Number® product in FraudGuard includes; Instant, Manual (Researched) and Reverify order types. The order results can be viewed directly in FraudGuard and the analysis of the results are included in the overall borrower risk score.

Undisclosed Debt Monitoring®, powered by Equifax

Monitors the borrower's activity to identify if new debts or liabilities are incurred during the “quiet period” to evaluate if the borrower has the propensity and capacity to repay the loan. The integration of Equifax Undisclosed Debt Monitoring™ (UDM) within FraudGuard constantly monitors borrower activity and provides alerts with customized notifications. The analysis of the UDM alerts is included in the overall borrower risk score for FraudGuard.

Lien & Judgment Reviews

First American is offering a non-Fair Credit Reporting Act Liens and Judgments Review service integrated into FraudGuard® as a fraud prevention tool to assess the risk associated with borrowers that have liens and judgment history. Our offering provides lenders those key data points to assess some potential risks and determine if further inquiries are required.

Income Assessment

Provides an income estimation that includes a realistic income range for a job title to identify potentially overstated borrower income.

4506-T Integration

Provides the ability to place 4506-T orders directly through FraudGuard.

Listing Data

Provides an up-to-date market insight into the subject property and the neighborhood listings. The module includes subject property details based on the MLS. It also includes information on up to 10 area active listings in relation to the subject property.


Searches NMLS Consumer Access data to validate the mortgage broker and loan officer’s NMLS status.

Associated Business Search

Provides the ability to review if other businesses are associated with the borrower and the status of the borrower’s employer.

Bankruptcy Search

Checks to see if the borrower has bankruptcy record(s) prior to or after the loan application date.

NMLS is a registered trademark of the State Regulatory Registry LLC.