Contract Closing

Today’s financial community continues to experience an environment of reduced staff and unpredictable volume. First American is ready to provide seasoned, front-line teams that match your needs and are 100% dedicated to your process. Our focus is targeted exclusively to matching your business objectives and workflow.

Full Spectrum of Services

First American’s loan closing services provide efficient and professional solutions for the full spectrum of closing functions on your behalf. With our diverse background in title insurance and settlement services, we provide seamless communication with your title company while staying up-to-date on regulatory compliance, including TRID.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance Driven

With risk mitigation and compliance as our foundation, we work directly within your system. Once you provide basic guidelines and training, our team will train the rest of your dedicated support staff. This eliminates the need for time consuming and error-prone data transfer and additional work for you.

We are positioned to provide a customizable, comprehensive solution with guaranteed service and production level expectations matched to your needs.