MERS Reviews

When you need to comply with MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (MERS®) quality assurance requirements, First American Mortgage Solutions is ready to help with industry leading compliance expertise. First American continuously monitors MERS requirements for updates so you benefit from the most up-to-date information available.

  • Helps you ensure compliance with MERS quality control standards
  • Supplements in-house resources with expertise and experience
  • Provides a range of solutions to satisfy independent third party review requirements

Well-Positioned for Annual, Monthly and Quarterly MERS Reviews

As a MERS patron member company, we are positioned to offer you on-site annual reviews, monthly or quarterly system-to-system reconciliations and remediation assistance to help make sure you are compliant. Take advantage of any one of these solutions, or a combination of the three types of reviews.

Annual Review

Our annual MERS review includes a comprehensive review of your quality assurance plan and procedures to identify any areas in which you are not compliant with the MERS compliance standards, including data standards. We provide executive summaries of findings, best practices, and/or any remediation recommendations.

Monthly or Quarterly System to System Reconciliation

We conduct a comparative analysis of the data in your system of record against MERS data and provides a thorough reporting of variances. Our report can also assist in identifying trends and defects within your MERS processes.

First American can also track all variances and aging items and automatically file corrections with MERS on your behalf. Since the results are transferred to the annual plan review, we can provide the required reconciliation to meet the MERS compliance standard.

Remediation Assistance

We can perform a three-way validation of recorded documents, member files and MERS data. This can be completed either as part of a monthly or annual review process or independently. We can also conduct random sampling for testing purposes to assure system integrity.