Quality Control, Post-TRID

First American Mortgage Solutions dedicated tremendous resources in coordination with lenders nationwide to adapt technologies, processes and procedures to the new TRID forms and regulation.

Our TRID-Focused Services

First American Mortgage Solutions offers TRID-Focused Reviews.

  • Consultative approach with a dedicated team of experts available to understand lender policies
  • Three different level of review to choose from or customizable so clients only pay for what they want tested
  • Variable cost and capacity with monthly or flow engagements or one-time special projects
  • All reviews are performed by a team of Loan Examiners specially trained on TRID requirements
  • Whether it’s software or data entry concerns, First American can find it and help you stay compliant before the regulators do

TRID QC Post-Closing Solutions

  • Standard TRID Audit      
  • Enhanced/Targeted TRID Audit    
  • Full TRID Audit