For years, the settlement industry has individually itemized charges for services ranging from receiving documents to sending money. We think it is time for this practice to end. Introducing SimpleSettlement from First American Mortgage Solutions.

A Simpler Escrow Starts Now

Basic escrow fee includes services such as:

  • Curative Services
  • Property Tax Information
  • Pre- & Post-Execution Document Corrections
  • Signing Services
  • Preparation & Processing of Recordable Documents1
  • Closing Disclosure Collaboration
  • Quality Review of Signed Package
  • Recording Services2

Why First American

  • SimpleSettlement is offered in 48 states3
  • Reduces time consuming re-disclosure when fees change
  • SimpleSettlement provides lenders with a predictable settlement fee for refinance transactions
  • Includes all traditional settlement services, comprehensive recording services and some third party fees
  • Services built by industry title experts with decades of domain knowledge and expertise
  • Meticulous lending & closing experience

Make the simple choice. Choose First American for your next closing.


1. Includes subordination and vesting related documents. 2. SimpleSettlement includes Recording Services but does not include recording fees. Recording Fees are a fee paid by First American and are not passed through to, or paid by, the consumer. 3. Not available in Delaware or Hawaii and specific county availability within certain states is limited; local rates will apply in these jurisdictions.