Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

First American Mortgage Solutions provides a full suite of statistically-based computer models that give an estimate of property value—delivered seamlessly 24/7 via our proprietary system or via direct interface with a variety of sources.

  • AVMs can be obtained in a matter of seconds instead of the days it takes to receive human-based valuations, like broker price opinions (BPOs) and standard appraisals
  • As quick estimations of property value, AVMs can provide an inexpensive means to analyze residential property values

Not all AVMs are Created Equal

AVM modelers use a collection of property and comparable sales data from a variety of different sources. Each individual AVM is built using proprietary statistical methodologies such as hedonic and repeat sales to estimate value.

At First American, we offer a full, utility-packed platform of 16 different AVMs with multiple custom cascading options, and we’re here to help you choose the right solution.

Available AVMs:

  • CA Value
  • CA Value MC
  • Home Value Explorer®
  • SafeValue
  • Realtors Valuation Model®
  • ValueSure™
  • SiteX Value™
  • ValuEdge Cascade

Available AVMs:

  • Advantage AVM Cascade
  • VeroVALUE™
  • VeroVALUE Preferred
  • PASS®
  • ValuePoint® 4
  • iVal
  • realAssessment™
  • Retrospective CA Value