Broker Price Opinions

First American Mortgage Solutions offers standard, enhanced and customized broker price opinions (BPOs) provided by state licensed real estate agents and brokers.

Get the Right Information from the Start

Our BPOs use a unique collateral evaluation analysis (CVA), powered by Bluebook International, Inc., which includes accurate, on-demand residential replacement costs, risk analysis, and other essential property value information for nearly 91 percent of the nation’s single family residences. This detailed reporting allows the lender to get the right information from the start.

  • Standards-based BPO rules built in for quality control measures
  • Repair estimates using nationally-accepted repair costs
  • Extensive photo journal, including repair photos

Benefits of First American's BPOs

  • Potential for increased revenue and profitability when leveraged with our significant nationwide panel of property inspectors and market data to get the right answers—the first time.
  • We provide an accurate, consistent and supportable process from the start—no black box!
  • Mitigation of risk and fraud when you maintain and evaluate your assets throughout their lifecycles.
  • Repair estimates replace agent “guess-timates,” with full photo support of all recommended repairs.
  • Accurate market information creates efficiencies. Buy and sell in the “known” vs. the “unknown” to enhance buyer and seller confidence. Increased confidence can mean fewer days on market, which mitigates risk and unnecessary exposures.

Real Estate Professionals Certified in the BPO Process

In addition to our comprehensive qualification standards, our real estate agents and brokers are trained and certified in the First American BPO process—helping reduce turn-around times on BPOs, and providing more efficient reconciliation.