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The First American team can manage your entire residential appraisal process for all transactions. From full 1004 appraisals to property inspections, we can provide the appraisal products you need while delivering fast turnaround times and unrivaled quality.

Do More With First American Mortgage Solutions

  • Local staff appraisers in key markets.
  • Nationwide network of more than 10,000 prequalified vendors, including credentialed appraisers and property data collection specialists.
  • Appraisals leverage the industry's largest, most comprehensive database of property and homeowner information and recorded document images.
  • Access to real-time market data which provides increased appraisal quality and accuracy.
  • Our experienced staff leverages Industry-leading valuation and appraisal technology to reduce turn times, improve communication and quality.

Appraiser Network

We carefully manage a panel of more than 6,500 credentialed appraisers covering 100% of counties in the United States. Each appraiser in our network is moved through a comprehensive application and approval process to become activated as a partner with First American. Our appraisal panel is managed for complete adherence to state, federal, and AMC regulations. Our customized QC programs can meet your collateral underwriting policy, as well as the demands associated with any contested valuations.

Collateral Inspection Services

First American Mortgage Solutions offers dynamic collateral inspection services that deliver lenders improved efficiency and accuracy for the ultimate customer experience. We have an extensive network of property data collection specialists nationwide to ensure your coverage needs are met. Collection inspection services include:

  • Property Data Report (PDR)
  • Property Data Collection (PDC)
  • Disaster Inspections
  • Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)
  • Market Analysis and Conditions (MAC) Report: First American's proprietary solution for condition and marketability report offering exterior and interior inspections.

Valocity Valuation Reports

Valocity Valuation Reports combine desktop appraisal techniques with the hands-on expertise of appraisers and real estate professionals to give you customized, fast, accurate results.

  • Valocity Exterior (Appraiser Inspected): An Appraiser will complete the exterior inspection and the form in ACI Sky in its entirety. No data will be provided by a third-party inspector.
  • Valocity Interior (Appraiser Inspected): An appraiser will complete the interior inspection and the form in ACI Sky in its entirety. No data will be provided by a third-party inspector.
  • Valocity Exterior Evaluation: A third-party inspector will complete the exterior inspection and the form in AMP in its entirety. The evaluation does not include an AVM at no additional cost with the report when available, sent as a separate attachment on the email. This product has more data included as well as comps and a reconciled value.

Appraisal Reviews

At First American, we offer a complete suite of Appraisal Review products. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective Desktop Review or a more in-depth Field Review, First American can assist. Our elite nationwide network of experienced appraisers paired with the technical prowess of a nationally recognized provider is a fitting solution for a variety of front-end decisions and due diligence needs.

Staff Appraisals

First American Staff Appraisals offers end-to-end valuation solutions aimed at quality, efficiency and compliance. Bolstered by more than 80 years of experience, we provide a unique staff appraiser model that serves metro areas strategically located throughout the United States. Use our interactive map to see the markets we currently serve.

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In addition to the highest quality traditional and alternative residential appraisal solutions, First American Staff Appraisals also offers comprehensive professional specialty services.

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