Data Tree Recognized as a Premier Research Source for Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration Industry Exec

—Alan H. Morgan, Former Landman of the Year, Calls Data Tree the “Holy Grail”—

August 22, 2003, SAN DIEGO

Data Tree LLC, the world’s leading provider of online public land records and a member of The First American Corporation family of companies, was recently recognized as a premier source for land record research by Alan H. Morgan, a prominent member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and one of the most respected figures in the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry.

In a recent column to the Houston Association of Professional Landmen, Morgan cited Data Tree as the “Holy Grail” for natural resources exploration executives or Landmen.  Morgan, who is regarded as an expert in Internet resources for Landmen, noted that Data Tree “offered much more than [he] could have imagined,” both in breadth of coverage and accessibility.

“Retailers can provide different levels access, pricing and data formatting, but Data Tree is a wholesaler that makes its information available to both retailers and end users such as Landmen,” said Morgan, recalling his visit to the Data Tree exhibit at the 49th AAPL Annual Meeting.  

“Mr. Morgan has highlighted an important distinction between Data Tree and our competitors, and we truly appreciate his endorsement,” said Peter Gorrie, chief operating officer for Data Tree.  “As the largest provider of imaged property documents in the world, we are often the backbone repository that Landmen access when searching records through their local service providers.  Our highly accessible data and flexible pricing makes us uniquely qualified to provide both private-label solutions to retailers and direct-to-consumer services.”

With the 2002 integration of owner name and property information search functionality to its electronic document retrieval systems, Data Tree’s repository of more than 1.5 billion imaged documents can now be directly accessed by individual researchers.  Available via the Internet, company intranets or direct high-speed connections, Data Tree electronic documents are delivered to desktop PCs in seconds and can easily be printed, faxed, filed, emailed or incorporated into reports and presentations.     

For more information about Data Tree products and services or for a free software trial, please visit or contact Data Tree at (800) 789-7244, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.

About Data Tree

Available in 27 states and 219 leading markets, Data Tree’s online database contains more than 1.5 billion current and historical document images. Data Tree delivers hundreds of thousands of quality images, instantly, online, every day to companies conducting title research.  Data Tree’s proprietary software platform enables workflow automation by allowing users to process, share, annotate, print and store images in a networked or Internet-connected environment.  With “scan-on-demand” and office document integration capability, Data Tree greatly reduces research times and makes title automation and paperless processing a reality. More information about the company can be found at