InHouseUSA Chooses Cloud-Based ACI Sky to Streamline Appraisal Delivery and Review

March 20, 2017, Palm Beach, Fla.

ACI, a leading provider of software solutions for the valuation industry and a member of the First American family of companies, today announced that national appraisal management company (AMC) and innovative provider of appraisal management software InHouseUSA has chosen ACI Sky for appraisal delivery and review. The cloud-based ACI Sky platform integrates seamlessly with Connexions, the proprietary appraisal order system used by appraisers at both InHouseUSA and its parent company Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS), for faster and more efficient appraisal processing and review.

Two important components of the ACI Sky platform are Sky Delivery and Sky Review.

“InHouseUSA’s appraisal review process has been significantly streamlined with Sky Delivery and Sky Review, resulting in measurable productivity improvements,” said George Opelka, senior vice president of ACI. “Further, its national network of appraisers can manage exceptions far more efficiently by providing guidance before the file is even delivered.”

Sky Delivery is ACI’s appraisal delivery portal that uses dynamic rules to identify exceptions and deliver real-time results, including hard stops, prior to posting the file for further review.

ACI Sky Review is a web-based appraisal review platform that enables AMCs to improve appraisal review quality and productivity without having to hire and train additional staff. Using client-specific quality assurance checklists, Sky Review reads the appraisal report and automates over 50 percent of what is traditionally a manual process. By programmatically eliminating more than half of the review checklist, Sky Review empowers appraisal reviewers to focus their expertise on just the items that require manual review.

“ACI Sky Review systematically resolves many of the items that previously required a manual checklist review, enabling us to deliver the consistent quality our customers expect, while shaving minutes off each appraisal review,” said Al Yeargin, chief appraiser for InHouseUSA. “Those minutes add up and allow us to fit more reviews into our day, ultimately improving our bottom line.”

The ACI Sky platform leverages PAR® Logic, ACI’s library of over 5,000 customizable rules, including more than 1,200 rules designed to identify potential collateral risks and reduce exceptions related to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) as required by Fannie Mae as well as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). ACI also developed over 20 custom checklist rules to accommodate InHouseUSA’s specific appraisal review needs.

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