Ginger Grantham

As a National Account Manager, it is my priority to provide attentive, expert and timely service to close your transactions successfully. In planning ahead for your commercial real estate portfolio, I can be brought in as part of the acquisitions/dispositions and development team to formulate clear steps to smoothly navigate the title and settlement process, anywhere in the U.S.

Since starting in the title industry in 2001, I have continued to gain assignments involving greater complexity.  On deals involving multiple sellers/buyers, TICs, multi-sites and multi-states, I work as part of the escrow and title unit throughout a closing.  This means that our underwriters, closers, and escrow officers gain a team member. 

My background in finance and Excel is unique among title sales representatives.  In 1996 while working in Development Finance for feature film at Disney, I lead a team which built a database for the department, after taking software classes through Disney University.  This skill has proved advantageous in tracking and executing on commercial real estate transactions requiring a high level of organization with expediency and accuracy.

To save time and to strategize for a seamless escrow, I open the majority of title and escrow orders myself.  I appreciate the trust that our clients place in me; and I strive to give my best service and expertise to each closing.


Ginger Grantham

Ginger Grantham

Vice President - National Account Manager

385 East Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91101




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