Caitlin Odorfer

National Underwriting Counsel specializing in underwriting and closing complex, high-liability, multi-property and multi-site commercial transactions.

As part of the next generation in title underwriting insight and expertise, Caitlin brings to First American the valuable perspective of someone who initially had no plans or expectations to enter the title and escrow industry. Having majored in Intellectual Property at the University of San Diego Law School, upon graduation and after successfully passing the California bar examination, Caitlin initially began practicing law with a focus on real estate, bankruptcy and business transactions. With title and escrow being something of a family trade, however, she soon enough found herself drawn to the unique technical challenges of commercial underwriting. Having studied philosophy, history, and of course law, commercial underwriting has presented Caitlin with a relatively unique outlet for combining her particular strengths and interests. As someone who genuinely enjoys the challenge as well as the process of problem-solving, in addition to coming up with creative solutions and compromises, Caitlin’s current role as Commercial Underwriting Counsel allows her to expand upon her grasp of commercial real estate law. Continually working towards an ever greater mastery of – among other areas of specialization - landlord-tenant law, securities and the representation of lenders in bankruptcies, Caitlin is a valued component of First American’s continuing legacy of reliable and top quality commercial underwriting.

Caitlin Odorfer

Caitlin Odorfer

Underwriting Counsel - San Francisco

101 Mission St

Suite 1600

San Francisco, CA 94105



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