Gloria Neri

I specialize in delivering a comprehensive client experience throughout the transactional process. My team and I will provide you with a consultative approach, consisting of our expertise, resources and tools to handle all aspects of your business from a single transaction to a large volume multi-state multi-site portfolio. I specialize in handling large volume REIT business. Contact me today to discuss your business needs.

What differentiates me is my experience and ability to identify the needs of my clients and personalize your services based on the unique aspects of your business. I am a Los Angeles native and began my commercial real estate career over 20 years ago. As an escrow officer I have a great understanding of the transaction from the beginning to successful close as well as knowing how to get that done. I have worked in numerous relevant jobs to build the foundation and knowledge that supports your business today. I always handle your transaction with the utmost integrity and expertise, providing a delightful client experience. Additionally, I am frequently consulted and work closely with our First American innovators who develop new technologies to help my customers save time and boost productivity when working with our Team. With specialized insight into the commercial real estate industry, the team at First American and I deliver a full range of products and services designed to specifically meet the growing and varied needs of my clients.

Get property information — whenever you need it.

Smart real estate investments hinge on the power of your information. From property searches to help plan your next project, to farming capabilities* that offer ownership information and property details, our new ClarityFirst™ technology helps you source and vet the best deals on the market.

*Not available in Utah