Devin Dregne

Serving you in Kansas City and beyond.

I joined First American Title Insurance Company in 2015 and currently serve as Underwriting Manager & Senior Underwriting Counsel for the Kansas City office. I am also the lead Underwriting Counsel for Construction Disbursing of First American National Commercial Services.


During my time with First American I have assisted customers as the lead underwriter for a number of complex projects including multi-site/state, redevelopment and construction, bankruptcy, energy projects, tax credit transactions, mezzanine financing, joint venture and alternative structure real estate transactions to name a few.


Prior to joining First American I worked as in-house counsel for a national big box retailer.  In that role I handled all aspects of real estate acquisition, development and construction for new store sites and negotiated construction contracts, handled mechanics’ lien claims and litigated construction disputes.  Immediately prior to joining First American I was in private practice with the real estate department of a Minneapolis law firm. 

I received my J.D. in law from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in 2008 and J.D and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Economics, Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.

Devin Dregne

Devin Dregne

Underwriting Manager & Senior Underwriting Counsel

1201 Walnut St.

Suite 700

Kansas City, MO 64106




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