Lindsay Hall Harrison

Lindsay Hall Harrison currently serves as Lead Senior Underwriting Counsel. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Lindsay has made a name for herself in the title insurance industry and brings this reputation and excellence to the First American Title National Commercial Services Miami team.

Prior to her current role, Lindsay held the position of Underwriting Counsel for eight years, where she honed her skills working both residential and commercial transactions throughout Florida. In addition, Lindsay served as Associate General Counsel for a national mortgage lender, gaining valuable insight and experience in the mortgage lending space. Lindsay previously owned and acted as Managing Partner of a boutique real estate law firm and title company and also has previous litigation experience representing lenders and servicers.

Lindsay currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Land Title Association and Co-Chairs the American Land Title Association’s PRIA Liaison Work Group. Lindsay is also an elected official, serving in her second term on City Council in the City of Maitland, Florida where she previously held the title of Vice Mayor.

Lindsay obtained her J.D. from Barry University School of Law in Orlando, Florida and holds a B.A. from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Lindsay is an avid reader, enjoys kayaking, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

With her vast experience, dedication, and passion for the title insurance profession, Lindsay continues to create a positive impact, delivering exceptional customer service and results for her clients.

Lindsay Hall Harrison

Lindsay Hall Harrison

Lead Senior Underwriting Counsel

703 Waterford Way

Suite 500

Miami, FL 33126



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