Petra Reyes

 I have worked for First American Title since 1980. My

My background is in Accounting. I am a Junior Closer, and my current position is working under the Escrow Funding Group.  We handle all the financial side of the funding which works closely with all the Escrow Teams which includes Houston-NCSD, The Woodlands-NCSD and minimal support for the San Antonio-NCSD. The Escrow Funding Team is responsible for keying and preapproving all wires, handling the preapproving process for any wire over 20M, issuance of checks, Fee Transfers, Service Fees, follow up on Escrow Holdbacks, configuring local Agent Splits, and Splits with our other NCS Offices.

Our Escrow Funding Team will balance the file accordingly and notify the Officers if any funds are remaining in which will need further instruction to process.  In addition we handle the 1099 Process if applicable for the Escrow Teams.

Petra Reyes

Petra Reyes

Commercial Junior Closer

601 Travis Street

Suite 1875

Houston, TX 77002




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