Best Practices, Simplified

As an agent of First American, you have the tools, resources and support to help you simplify your processes and create greater efficiencies within your business.

Implement the ALTA Best Practices Framework with sample templates for each of the 7 Pillars, along with webinars, videos, training materials and links to vendors whose quality products offer the solutions you need. Find out the ways we're making it easier than ever to work with First American.

Implement the Best Practices Framework

With its Best Practices, Simplified program, First American is helping you create the policies and procedures you need to implement the ALTA Best Practices Framework. Our solutions and team of vendors include:

  • Licensing

    • First American provides agency owners and managers with Best Practice training. Our Best Practice #1 Training Webinar was held in September 2013.

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  • Escrow Trust Accounting

    • TrustLink Services

      TrustLink provides best practice trust accounting services to title agents nationwide. From daily three-way electronic bank reconciliation to the management of unclaimed property, TrustLink's services and experienced staff keep your accounts compliant and up to date.

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    • HireRight

      As one of the world's largest employee screening providers, HireRight specializes in helping organizations of all sizes efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs.

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  • Protecting NPI

    • SMS Vault

      SMS Vault provides security of non-public personal information. Protecting your customers' non-public personal information makes good sense — and can keep you out of trouble. From clean desk practices and file access controls to secure external email communication and electronic document delivery, our electronic office management system secures your customer's data with all the cost-saving benefits of working without paper.

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    • GreenFolders

      GreenFolders, the electronic office management solution, empowers you to overcome the limitations of working with physical files. From clean desk practices and file access controls to secure external email communication and electronic document delivery, GreenFolders secures your customer's valuable Non-public Personal Information while at the same time allowing you to enjoy all the cost-saving benefits of working without paper.

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  • Settlement Processes

    • StreamLine

      SMS's StreamLine is the title production platform of choice for thousands of title agents nationwide. With customizable workflow process tools, rate calculators and policies for dozens of underwriters, StreamLine keeps your office on track and takes the guesswork out of premium rate calculators.

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    • FasTrax

      Proactively tracks down the appropriate release, satisfaction or discharge for all liens paid at closing, making sure such are recorded on the appropriate land records.

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    • TitleExpress

      TitleExpress is a fully integrated title and settlement solution, with customized workflow tracking capabilities to assist customers with compliance practices. TitleExpress solutions support multiple underwriters and rate calculations and include robust reporting features and secure online transaction management.

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  • Policy Production

    • FasTrax

      Provides lien tracking and title clearing services on any lien attached to real property. Available nationwide, FasTrax makes sure that the documents required to clear liens paid at closing are correctly recorded on the appropriate land records, assuring that your customer's title is clear and speeding the issuance of the final title policy.

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  • Insurance Coverage

    • First American Property & Casualty Insurance Agency, Inc. is the knowledgeable and trusted nationwide resource for E&O, bonds and other insurance needs for the title insurance professional. We offer experienced and professional service and understand the specific needs of the title agent; you can be assured that we are looking out for your best interest.

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Learn How to Simplify Policy Production

Download our helpful guide to find out how to issue policies at the closing table and better implement ALTA Best Practice #5.

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