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Builder Services

First American Title has been the leader in providing value- added services and in homebuilder market-share for over two decades: Our Builder Services professionals make the process - public reports, title, trust, and escrow - easier for the builder. Through our extensive experience, we've developed unique services and programs that benefit you - the homebuilder - and your buyers. First American is the only title company in Arizona that offers a Builder Services network and programs statewide.

Land Acquisition Assistance

Our Builder Services team will assist you with the research, acquisition and entitlement of your property. We will supply title reports, copies of easements and adjoining deeds, and will work closely with your engineer and other service providers to ensure that information is technically correct for approval and recording. Potential problems, such as relocating easements, are identified and addressed immediately to minimize future problems or delays.

Local Underwriting

Underwriting decisions are made locally in each county, and we have the flexibility and experience to underwrite on a case-by-case basis. This provides faster and more positive responses on various title insurance issues.

Department of Real Estate (DRE) Processing

A well planned DRE subdivision process and subsequent report will have a positive impact on every aspect of your homebuilding sales program. We develop the initial DRE materials early, often at one of our first joint meetings with you, your engineer or your attorney. We identify requirements, assign responsibilities, and establish time frame objectives.

During the public report process, we maintain regular contact with the DRE to make sure each requirement is met as scheduled. First American Title coordinates projects, monitors progress and keeps you informed through proactive reporting. We will compile the information and prepare your "Questionnaire for Public Report" for DRE submission as well as provide direction for the various filings, including:

  • Conditional Sales Exemption
  • Subsequent Owners Exemption
  • Amended Public Report
  • Final Public Report

First American has a strong working relationship with the DRE staff which enhances the process through better understanding of the needs and expectations of all parties.

Professional Escrow Staff

Closing an escrow is probably the most important service we perform; it's the culmination of months of hard work and time-consuming effort for you, the homebuilder. To provide the best service, First American has designated certain escrow units and offices for homebuilder escrows only. In addition, we customize escrow-closing programs for your specific company requirements. Our homebuilder specialists coordinate smoother closings for your customers and more efficient day-to-day operations for you.

  • The designated homebuilder escrow staff concentrates full time on new home sales.
  • Your assigned team is geared to closing large numbers of transactions quickly and accurately.
  • As your representatives, the goal is to provide courteous, personal customer service that reflects positively on you and provides a positive experience for your buyers.
  • Final Public Report

Property Research and New Home Statistics

Our subdivision specialists are problem solvers. They know where to find the correct answers for you and can provide the specific, project-oriented information you need. They will assist you promptly with:

  • Up-to-date new homebuilder statistics
  • Ownerships and mailing addresses
  • Assessors' tax information
  • Copies of various maps
  • Size and zoning information
  • Copies of recorded documents

Messenger Service

Often times it's the little details and unheralded services that make the difference. Our messenger service is a special element of our customer-satisfaction program. Our extensive network serves the Phoenix Metropolitan areas and outlying counties promptly and reliably, and each of our county operations also has local messengers for pickups and deliveries to and from your office.


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