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Customized Listing Kits

Our Property Research Department provides the only complete listing kit in town with ALL the information you need. Your listing kit includes:

  • Unique property summary report with lot size and encumbrances of record; it's unmatched in the industry
  • Customized profile page
  • Detailed comparable sales
  • Assessors' map with color-coded comparable sales
  • Pertinent documents of record, vesting deed, encumbrances
  • Plus worksheet, communication log, and escrow checklist

Target Labels - You can also request mailing labels for your "Just Listed," "Just Sold," or spot marketing mailers. 

Expect prompt delivery. Order direct from our Property Research Department, and your listing kit will be prepared within your time frame. Rush orders can be faxed!

Listing kit request forms for downloading and printing.

Now Available! FASTWeb to order your property research information online.


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