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Relocation Services for Corporations

Benefits from Our Cost-Conscious Services and Our Customized Procedures

  • Your qualified relocating employees will receive discount pricing on certain transaction fees.
  • You are assured of competitive pricing on all transaction fees.
  • Your Relocation Specialist will be your single-source contact for answers and trouble- shooting services.

Records and Reporting

A corporate account will be established for you to process reports and source each transaction. You will receive computer-generated status reports that track each relocatee transaction. The escrow update report will include:

  • Property address, price, and escrow number
  • Names of real estate agents and lenders, their companies, and phone numbers
  • Escrow closing date and total fees

Plus, you will receive a comprehensive overview listing all transactions completed for your company, by month or year to date. 

Focus on the Relocatee

First American's goal is to make the "paperwork" portion of the home-buying process as simple and comfortable as possible for the relocatee. We accomplish this by providing your relocatee with:

  • A letter of introduction at the start and a letter of congratulations when a home is selected and the escrow is opened.
  • Brochures that explain each step of the escrow process and furnish local utility and community phone numbers.
  • Seminars to educate your employees on home buying from start to finish.

Your relocatees will also benefit from working with our experienced escrow professionals and the convenience of more than 30 Valley locations. 

Title Insurance

Title insurance is an important aspect of the home purchase. It protects against losses from defects in the property title from past events such as forgery, fraud, or imposed liens. Because insurance protection is only as strong as the company behind it, the home buyer is best served by a company with a stable history: that's First American Title.

  • First American Title issues the EAGLE Policy. It is a combination of the Plain Language Policy plus, in Arizona, ten additional coverages. The EAGLE Policy offers the home buyer unparalleled protection, covering certain situations occurring after the date of the policy.
  • First American will provide legal defense in court and payment of any covered loss the homeowner may sustain up to the amount of the policy.

Corporate Diversity

In addition to title insurance and escrow, the First American family offers a wide range of services. Among these are home warranty through Home Buyers Protection Corporation and 1031 tax deferred exchanges through First Exchange of Arizona, Inc.

For additional information, call (800) 523-5338 and ask for Relocation Services.

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