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Subdivision Trust Services

First American Title Insurance Company provides a product and service within the state of Arizona that is not found, in the capacity that we offer, in any other state. We offer what the Arizona Revised Statutes calls "Subdivision Trusts." If you have not heard of this type of service or simply don't understand all that it encompasses (most people don't), we will try to give a brief and understandable explanation.

First American Title Insurance Company's Subdivision Trust Department currently consists of eleven employees who overall have an average of 20 years experience within the title/real estate industry. Two-thirds of them have an average of 22 years with First American's Subdivision Trust Department. 

In a nutshell, when unimproved land is put into a subdivision trust, it allows the owner to continue the managerial authority over the land, but legal title is held by the Trustee, First American Title. This allows for the property to be subdivided, improved, sold, etc., with a minimum amount of money paid up front for the land (a great benefit to developers) and allows for the smooth transfer of title to the end user. We provide Trust Account Servicing on all carryback transactions. We also provide a regular reporting system that accounts for the funds involved with each transaction in addition to maintaining an inventory of the lots held in the subdivision trust. 

The Subdivision Trust Department is continually striving for industry excellence by providing outstanding service to our customers. Please visit our additional pages below, and feel free to e-mail or call any of the Subdivision Trust Personnel to answer your individual questions. In order to access your Trust Servicing Account click on the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact List:

Sandi Overbey, Manager 
Subdivision Trust Department 

Charlotte Knoll, Certified Escrow Officer
Senior Trust Officer
Phone: 602.685.7036

Simin Berry, MBA
Senior Trust Officer
Phone: 602.685.7033


For online access to your account(s) click on the link below.

More on Subdivision Trust Services

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