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Trustee Sales Services

First American Title's Trustee Sales Center is your complete provider of non-judicial foreclosure services. We offer a variety of foreclosure services such as:

  • Trustee Sales. This is the non-judicial foreclosure of a Deed of Trust. We act as Trustee and handle the entire sale process.
  • Forfeiture. This is the non-judicial foreclosure of an Agreement for Sale. We act as Account Servicing Agent to implement and complete the forfeiture process on your behalf.
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. If parties are negotiating and foreclosure is not the chosen solution at this time, we can process a "Deed in Lieu" for you to insure a marketable title.

The above options are also interconnected. If you choose to proceed with a Deed in Lieu and that does not work out due to underlying liens, we can convert very quickly and without a conversion fee to a Trustee's Sale or Forfeiture, whichever is applicable. We also can convert from a Foreclosure to a Deed in Lieu.

Our staff has over forty years of foreclosure and title insurance experience. We can accommodate your foreclosure needs statewide, and our pricing is very competitive.

Tracey Bayne
Senior Foreclosure Officer
Phone: 602.685.7403

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