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What Happens At First American?

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During the escrow period, our title department begins researching and examining all historical records pertaining to the subject property. Barring any unusual circumstances, a commitment for title insurance is issued, which indicates a clear title or lists any items which must be cleared prior to closing. The commitment is sent to you for review.

Consider This

One escrow transaction could involve over twenty individuals including real estate agents, buyers, sellers, attorneys, escrow officer, escrow assistant, appraiser, title officer, loan officer, loan processor, loan underwriter, home inspector, termite inspector, insurance agent, home warranty representative, contractor, roofer, plumber, pool service, and so on. In addition, often times one transaction may also depend on the successful close of another sale. 

When you consider the number of people involved, you can imagine the opportunities for challenges, miscommunications and delays.

Your transaction may include the following steps:

  • OPEN escrow and deliver earnest money deposit to be held in a separate escrow account.
  • CONDUCT a title search to determine ownership and status of the subject property.
  • ISSUE a Title Commitment and begin the process to delete or record items to provide clear title to the property.
  • If applicable, REQUEST payoff information for the seller’s loans, other liens, homeowners association fees, etc.
  • PRORATE FEES, if applicable, and prepare the Settlement Statement.
  • SET separate appointments for buyer and seller in order to sign documents and deposit funds (if applicable).
  • REVIEW documents to confirm that all conditions and legal requirements are fulfilled; request funds from lender.
  • When all funds are deposited, RECORD documents at the County Recorder to transfer the subject property to you.
  • After recordation is confirmed, CLOSE escrow and disburse funds, including seller’s proceeds, loan payoffs, real estate agent’s commission, related fees for recording, etc.
  • PREPARE and send final documents and accounting to parties involved.
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