First American has simplified eClosing for new home purchase transactions.

Today's home buyers expect a convenient closing process that incorporates security and takes advantage of technology to simplify their closing. With eClosing from First American, new home buyers can digitally preview and sign their closing documents in advance so their closing is completed in half the time. Buyers can preview and eSign closing documents at home, and integrated technology rules increase accuracy and prevent any missed signatures.

Builders and lenders who take advantage of First American's eClosing solutions are able to accelerate their process, significantly reduce risk and offer their customers the convenience of a digital process without any additional fees.

As new technologies become standard and are accepted by regulatory agencies and mortgage lenders, First American will continue to introduce innovative eClosing solutions that drive the digital transformation of settlement and improve the customer experience for buyers.

First American's eClosing Solution Includes:

  • Industry-leading technology
  • Secured buyer's signature
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Digital document preview
  • Mobile notary digital scheduling
  • Buyer appointment confirmation

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