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Eagle Protection Loan Policy

The EAGLE Protection Loan Policy (for one-to-four residential properties) was created to benefit lenders by including the coverages and other policy features you often had to ask for by endorsement, as well as many coverages that no title insurer had ever provided. Some even dealt with post-policy title matters that had not historically been a part of title insurance at all. For you, the lender, this means added protection and increased peace of mind.

The Eagle Policy affords you the superb protection of an ALTA Loan Policy—plus  new coverages and other valuable protection.  And all of these coverages are in addition to the legal defense benefit always provided by title insurance, which affords protection to the lender without reducing the policy amount. All this protection is available in this single package -- the EAGLE Protection Loan Policy. You no longer need to request endorsements or check the boxes listed on an ALTA Short Form  in order to receive the endorsements listed in policy.

Additionally, the policy amount is increased automatically for you. First American recognizes that when a lender's coverage is limited to the original loan amount, that amount is often inadequate to fully compensate for an actual loss. That is why our EAGLE Protection Loan Policy automatically provides a policy limit of 125 percent of the stated insurance amount. That's right -- a full 125 percent of the insurance amount is in place from the start.

(Note: The policy amount may be increased or decreased by endorsement to the policy or by certain conditions to the policy.)

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