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Continuing Education Classes for Realtors

If you have ideas for future classes, please contact one of our First American Realtor Reps.  We would greatly appreciate your input.

Short Sales

(HOT 232) 3.0 Hours:

An overview of what Realtors need to know when dealing with a short sale.

The Nuts & Bolts of Foreclosures, Tax Deeds, and Other Distressed Property Issues 

(HOT 132) 3.0 Hours (Required):

The class reviews the judicial foreclosure process and is oriented towards the real estate agent who deals with property that is in foreclosure or under threat of collection, including "short sales". It also covers information relating to buying property at Sheriff's Sale. The class concludes with the basics of the Tax Deed process in Oklahoma.

What Every Real Estate Professional Should Know About Title Insurance

(INS 031) 2.0 Hours (Elective):

This is a fun-filled class on the basic coverages of title insurance and how it protects not only buyers and their lenders, but also sellers and the real estate advisors involved in the transaction. The class also addresses some of the new title insurance products available to consumers.

Real Estate Ownership & Methods of Transfer

(ABS 059) 2.0 Hours (Elective):

This is a very basic class that is useful to the new real estate professional. It covers the many ways in which property can be acquired and disposed of, including basic conveyances, foreclosure, probate, divorce, bankruptcy, guardianship, partition, and condemnation.

Mortgage Fraud & DPA Programs 

(HOT 083) 2.0 Hours (Required): 

Mortgage Fraud is one of the top concerns in our industry. Realtors and title folks alike are uneasy about some of the current transactions being pursued by mortgage brokers and lenders. This class outlines some of those concerns and suggests the "red flags" to detect mortgage fraud. The class also reviews Down Payment Assistance Programs - both good and bad.


(HOT 074) 3.0 Hours (Required): 

This is our newest class offering for realtors on this very timely topic. We will cover basic RESPA disclosures, the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, Consumer Fraud, and Unlawful Practices. This is one of the best classes for real estate professionals on this topic anywhere in the State!

"Hot Topics" Dealing with Foreign-born Homeowners and IRS Section 1031 Exchanges 

(TAX 090) 2.0 Hours (Elective):

This class is aimed at two of the hottest topics facing real estate brokers and associates today. The first hour is dedicated to issues involved when a seller, buyer or borrower is not a US Citizen or when English is not the primary language of the customer. The second hour covers the basic requirements of a Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange and explores the possibilities for real estate professionals.

First American Title - Claims Chronicles

(ABS 054) 2.0 Hours (Elective):

This is an entertaining class comprised of many real-life title insurance claims stories handled by First American Title. Fact can be stranger than fiction!

Starting Out - HUD-1 Statements & Title Insurance

(CLO 143) 2.0 Hours (Elective):

The "Getting Started" seminar is a great introduction to what the title company's role is in your real estate transaction. In this two-hour class we will cover basic title insurance and pre-closing issues revealed by the commitment for title insurance. We will also cover the basics of a HUD-1 Settlement Statement, escrow accounting, and the escrow funds disclosures required by law. It is a great introduction to the basics of safeguarding your clients and keeping them informed and protected.

Goal Setting: Vital Skills For A Successful Career In Real Estate

*Non-Renewal Class

A strategic planning workshop designed to help you:

  • Identify and overcome many of the roadblocks that interfere with goal attainment
  • Brainstorm your personal and professional goals
  • Create a written goal summary
  • Develop an action oriented plan to achieve your goals

Effective Marketing

*Non-Renewal Class

This is a class that will get you excited about Marketing.” We will go over the most effective and efficient ways to generate more business using the farming concept.

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