Foreclosure Information Report

Our Foreclosure Information Report searches back two full-value title transfers through two owners.  It provides comprehensive information on the public record necessary to conduct a valid foreclosure.  A more robust product than the majority of foreclosure title products, it can be used in most states outside of those that traditionally use a Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG). The report includes bankruptcy, probate and property tax information, and is compiled in an easy-to-read, standardized format.

A solution for lenders, loan servicers and foreclosing counsel to assist in managing costs, accuracy rates, timelines and service, it also helps identify title issues that can delay resale post-foreclosure.

What do we offer?

  • Strictly monitored and competitive turnaround times.
  • Single-point-of-contact customer service.
  • Flat-fee, tiered pricing by state that provides significant cost savings.
  • Comprehensive quality control processes that ensure high accuracy rates.

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First American Mortgage Services

First American Mortgage Services



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