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First American Title Insurance Company has provided American commercial buyers, sellers, and lenders with title insurance coverage and protection for more than a century. Today, First American offers title insurance protection around the globe-in North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.







International title services are provided by our affiliate company FAF International.

Why work with First American?

  • A First American International Title Insurance Policy may provide commercial customers with the same degree of protection that a domestic policy provides. Thanks to First American's foresight, a policy can be issued for property in an approved country based on that country's real estate laws, and without the need for the physical presence of the buying, selling, or financing parties.
  • International Title Insurance is just one more benefit that First American's innovative vision brings to the commercial market.

What do we offer?

  • International Coverage with Domestic Coverage Protections
  • Title Insurance may provide defense, indemnify you from fiscal harm, and represent you and your interests in the respective court of the land
  • Purchasable in the United States, so you don't have to travel or send representatives to foreign lands
  • Language-savvy and law-knowledgeable support and representation in every specified locale worldwide
  • Simplified processes and superb protection-regardless of location, language, or the peculiarities of a given country's laws, procedures, or customs
  • Available for property purchases in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Bahamas, Ireland, Israel, Great Britain, Brazil, and many more.

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Visit FAF International


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