Buyers' Endorsements

  • Buyer's Aggregation The voluntary relinquishment of rights of ownership or another interest(such as easement) by faliure to use the property, coupled with an intent to abandon (give up the interest).
  • Increase in Tax Lien Coverage over $250K Increases the dollar limitation on coverage set forth in insuring clause 5 of the Buyer's Policy.
  • Equity Ownership Insures that specified equity interests in stated Registered Organizations acquired by the Insured are included within the "Collateral" that is covered by the Policy and that the buyer of the equity is a "Protected Purchaser" under Article 8 fo the UCC, thereby providing true equity ownership coverage.
  • Increase in Insuring Clause Coverage Limitations above $250K Increases the coverage limits for either of insuring clause 2 (Security Interest of other than the Seller) or insuring clause 4 (Lien of any Lien Creditor).

As with any insurance contract, there are exceptions, exclusions, and conditions to coverage contained in the policy. Some coverages may not be available in your area, or for your transaction, due to legal, regulatory, or underwriting considerations. Depending on the states involved, First American's EAGLE 9® UCC Insurance Policies are issued through either First American Title Insurance Company or First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company, members of The First American Family of Companies. Please contact us for further information.