EAGLE9® UCC Insurance Policy for Buyers

Our buyer's policy insures that acquired assets are free of liens, including not only the seller's liens, but also those of any intermediate seller. The buyer's policy can be used in a sale of assets, a merger or similar corporate restructuring transaction. the buyer's policy provides ownership coverage (after certain requirements are met) in transactions where membership or other equity interests are being acquired.

Less Risk, More Confidence

First American's EAGLE9® UCC Insurance Policy for Buyers is the solution.

Why work with First American?

Our policy applies to all Article 9 collateral types.

What do we offer?

  • The policy has been extensively used, through its Equity Ownership Endorsement, in pledged equity transactions involving entities holding significant real property assets.
  • Buyers are protected from mis-indexed UCCs and fraudulently filed terminations/amendments.
  • Sellers are able to market assets free and clear of consensual liens.
  • The policy is attractively priced.