Vacation Ownership
Title and Escrow Services

Escrow and Closing Services

We offer a variety of escrow and closing services to suit your needs. Whether you are a property owner selling your timeshare or a developer trying to find a company to handle your escrow closing needs, First American is the company for you.


Owner Services

  • Renting your timeshare: Services for our Rental Program include managing the escrow deposits and disbursement of funds.
  • Selling your timeshare: Our Resale Program is designed to assist with sales to third parties. Services include, but are not limited to:
    • Holding escrowed funds and documents
    • Conducting title searches
    • Drafting and recording documents
    • Issuing Title Insurance
  • Updating your ownership: Our Ownership Transfer Program is designed to assist you with updating title for your property due to life events such as those shown below. These types of transactions are done without the exchange of monetary consideration.
    • Adding a spouse
    • Transferring your ownership into a family trust
    • Removing individuals from title

Developer Services

  • Holding escrowed funds and documents
  • Reviewing recordable documents
  • Inventory control
  • Issuing policies of title insurance (owners, lenders, UCC)
  • Recordation of documents

Foreclosure Services

First American offers asset recovery through our foreclosure and deed-in-lieu solutions. Our services include everything from conducting title searches, drafting and recording foreclosure documents, delivering proper notices to defaulted owners, to facilitating the auction and transfer of title. We have the experts, technology, resources and experience to provide an efficient and timely method of inventory recovery.

Title & Underwriting Services

First American offers a variety of title products designed specifically for the vacation ownership industry for both deeded and non-deeded properties. Similar to your home, First American offers title insurance products for both owners and lenders.

First American also offers underwriting services to support our Title Insurance Agents. Services may include providing commitments, policies, endorsements, and training on the use of these forms. We also have an extensive network of in-house attorneys, underwriters, and experienced staff to assist with underwriting questions from common to the most complex questions.

Foreclosure Services

Rental Escrow Services

We make renting easy! You have done the hard work of finding a renter; now leave the rest to us. We will handle the deposits and disbursement of funds, giving you financial security and peace of mind. Whether your vacation rental is in the mountains or on white sandy beaches, you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands.

Technology Services

We recognize that today's world is driven by technology. We have developed software specifically for the vacation ownership industry and have the unique ability to enhance it as our Developers' needs evolve. We have also added a dedicated software solutions group whose role is designed to support our division and our clients' changing needs.

Whether it be an online solution or database management system, let our technology and dedicated experts behind it serve you.

Technology Services

Trustee Services

Our long-standing experience with trust-based products allows us to be uniquely qualified to assist Developers in providing expertise in this evolving arena and servicing their trust product.

We have experience with a variety of trust structures ranging from full service deeded projects to limited service non-deeded projects.

We are proud to be authorized to provide trustee services in all 50 states.

Custodial Services

First American provides custodial services for Developers who require secure storage of their collateral files. We ensure that all lender-required documents are accurate, complete, safely stored, and readily available. We also provide made to order reporting and offer personalized solutions for each Developer's unique custodial requirements.

  • Fire/Flood Resistant Secured Storage
  • File Review
  • Lender Certification
  • Customized Reporting